When a client writes to us expressing their thoughts we say 'thank-you' and if appropriate, we post it here. Testimonials are nice but long term support is just as important and means we are doing something right. 

Meantime - these are some of the nice comments made by a few of our clients over the past few years... 

“We’re very, very happy. On a scale of 1-10… VETtalk OnHold would be 11, unsurpassed! - We’ve noticed our clients will occasionally mention something they’ve just heard, eg pet insurance “you just told me to ask about pet insurance” often we make a joke about that but it allows us to connect and open up a conversation.

I’m amazed and delighted how making one change – getting VETtalk OnHold  – has created such a flow on. For something so simple and easy to do and update, it’s almost self-perpetuating yet it has a much more widespread effect than you’d think.
Jess Bird – Practice Manager – Diamond Valley Veterinary Hospitals (Vic)

“I love it when I ring our clinic and get put on hold… cos I love listening to our on-hold…and I work here, so it musn’t be too bad.” Sally – Vet Nurse – Hamilton Veterinary Clinic – (NSW)

“We were using someone else, to be honest and used to have lots of people hang up.“
They were a company that just did any old business, but I think because you guys know about the pet industry it makes it a lot easier… plus you recommend messages that we really want.

You often think, does anyone listen?…but obviously they do. People actually ask us questions about stuff you talk about when they get put on hold…eg when we wanted blood donors… VETtalk OnHold  was our only marketing yet the response was amazing, callers would say ‘put my dog’s name on the list’, amazing!

You guys are also so friendly, easy to talk to and always there to answer my calls or emails which is great… when you message some people it takes them 3 days to get back to you so it’s no wonder we reckon you’re fantastic.”
Georgah - Practice Manager, Hamilton Vet - Newcastle - NSW 

"We just wanted to let you know how wonderful you have both been to us! 
The level of service, help and professionalism offered to us has been absolutely outstanding, and we thank you most sincerely :)"

Jessica Bird - Practice Manager, Diamond Valley Vets - Eltham & Montmorency - VIC

"It works – it works!  We’ve had a lot of people, not just one or two, but several who have come off our new ‘VETtalk OnHold’ and say things like – 'I just heard about your in-house training, can you book me in for that as well as the boarding, please?'.  We’re rapt with the service.”
Glenn Cooke - General Manager of Operations, Pet Resorts Australia Dural & Terrigal   NSW

"Several of our clients have already commented on how informative the messages have been - thanks for a great service
 Dr Cameron Raine, Hampton Park Veterinary Hospital VIC

"Still loving the soft tones of Brian and Kaye over the phone. Happy to help promote your business as I think what you guys do is great"
- Dr Peter Chitty, North Shore Veterinary Hospital NSW... with additional VETtalk OnHold installations for the NSV group in Riverview Veterinary Hospital and Cremorne Veterinary Hospital

"I have always been hesitant to have anything but music for people on hold because I don’t want to run the risk of annoying people whom we have to keep waiting with marketing / sales information. VETtalk OnHold messages is a fantastic blend of current and topical pet information that is relevant and interesting to our clients who no longer complain about being on hold.” 
Dr Angus Ross, Ku-Ring-Gai Veterinary Hospital NSW

"I'm so glad we've moved on from 'chimes on hold' - It's also good to be able to provide regularly updated information for our members"
Loren Murray, Office Manager AVBA (Australian Veterinary Business Association)  QLD 

“It’s excellent. I just like it because it’s totally seamless, we give you the info – you come up with the dialogue.
It’s getting messages across… and it’s doing it without any hassles or input from us.

Of course the regular updates are great, you guys are professionals at what you do so you provide a professional product - it’s marvellous! And did I mention it’s reasonably priced.”
Ron Shay – Hospital Manager – Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre & The Animal Hospital (QLD)